Gong Bath Meditation

We are pleased to announce that our Gong Baths are back! But that's not all, we are also introducing online guided meditation sessions where we will use our Angelic Healing Practioners skills to bring you into a feeling of peace, calm and tranquility.
Join The Tranquil Room on Facebook and receive weekly online Gong Baths as well as weekly Guided Meditaitons with our Angelic Healing Practioners Therapy. After your Gong Bath or Meditaiton Session you can listen to the Gong Baths and Guided Meditation sessions as many times as you like as they will remain on the Facebook group page.
We have decided to have an affordbable payment system for The Tranquil Room and so have designed to levels. Please choose only the one that you feel you can afford.

£10 a month plan

After you have subscribed then please request to join the following Facebook group

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